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Creative And Effective Legal Solutions To Drug Charges

Even though drug charges must be taken seriously, you are not necessarily going to jail or suffering major disruption to your life. At Olson Law LLC, we seek creative solutions to drug charges that can keep you out of prison and let you move on with your life as soon as possible. The criminal defense attorneys at our specialty boutique firm serve clients throughout the west Twin Cities metro area, including Wright, Sherburne and Anoka counties. We are local lawyers with extensive experience in local courtrooms.

Years Of Experience In West Metro Criminal Law

Heather Olson worked as a prosecutor in Wright County before opening Olson Law, giving her deep insight into how police, prosecutors and judges operate in the region. We have a strong grounding in Minnesota criminal law, and we are skilled litigators, but we are flexible. We will strive for a resolution to your case that lets you keep your freedom and avoid the impact of a felony record. You can come to us to defend you against any drug charge, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Conspiracy and attempt charges
  • Drug cultivation or manufacturing
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

It is not our job to be judgmental of our clients. Instead, we will carefully review the evidence in your case and advise you of what to do to minimize the potential punishments against you. In many cases, we are able to get drug charges reduced or dismissed outright. Once we have a sound strategy, we will work hard to deliver the best possible outcome to the charges you are facing.

Take Control Of Your Defense Against Drug Crime Charges

If you or a loved one has been arrested on drug charges, call Olson Law LLC at 763-515-8013 to reach our office in Buffalo and schedule a free initial consultation. Or contact us online.