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Charges of child abuse, neglect or emotional harm are crushing not only to the individual implicated but also to the entire family as well. Sometimes, accusations are made under false pretenses, but the devastation to a reputation can be just as bad. Minnesota policy is to offer child protection for kids whose health or welfare may be jeopardized by caregivers. Maltreatment can take several forms. The most common, neglect, usually involves failure of the child’s caregiver to supply needed food, shelter, clothing, medical care or proper supervision. Physical injury, sexual abuse, mental cruelty, abandonment and endangerment are also grounds for filing a maltreatment report.

When Charges Of Neglect Threaten Your Family

If you are facing charges of child abuse or neglect, the child protection services of Olson Law LLC are familiar with the distinctions of Minnesota requirements and procedures, and will vigorously and competently protect your rights.

Aggressive representation from an experienced family law attorney can support caregivers whose competency has been questioned if children are seen as failing to thrive, who are in the home where domestic abuse is prevalent or whose parents are fighting alcohol or drug addiction. Sometimes, red flags such as lack of a job, an unkempt appearance or a hostile attitude can arouse suspicion.

The goal of child protection is to prevent any further instances of abuse and neglect. By Minnesota law, the primary intention of all child protection cases is to maintain or return a child to the family if it is safe and in the child’s best interests.

A Family Law Attorney To Keep Your Family Intact

Our attorneys will work side by side with you to meet and exceed the requirements imperative to reuniting with your family. We’ll construct an extensive plan that will reinforce your stature, examine evidence and collect testimony to provide you with optimum results in your proceeding.

Life is complicated. When you’re faced with a family crisis, you want a compassionate yet diligent attorney who can be a fierce advocate for your case. Olson Law LLC empowers clients to evaluate options and protect their rights.

With a responsive, intelligent approach, we guide you through the difficulties ahead to minimize their impact on your life. Our knowledge and insight offer resources that specifically support the needs of couples struggling with divorce, child custody, parenting and the many challenges related to family law.

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