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Post-Decree Matters

Though no one wants to revisit the demanding negotiations of their divorce settlement, sometimes it becomes necessary to modify arrangements as time goes by. Life changes constantly. Former spouses can lose their jobs, remarry or relocate. Children’s needs for health care or education alter as they age. Post-decree petitions or motions are those filed to resolve disputed judgments after a decree of dissolution of marriage, legal separation or annulment. The law knows that circumstances can change, but, in all cases, post-decree motions must prove that changed circumstances are so substantial as to make the terms of the original divorce agreement unreasonable.

If you are an ex-spouse seeking to file a post-decree motion, it’s essential that you seek the capabilities of exceptional divorce attorneys. Use the knowledge and expertise of the divorce attorneys at Olson Law LLC to validate and properly document your claims, and prepare you to uphold your contention at trial.

Two Of The Most Common Post-Decree Motions Include:

  • Child custody and parenting time: Disputes over custody, visitation, child support or parents’ allocation of rights and responsibilities may be reason to modify a previous agreement. However, the filing party must prove that the change is in the best interests and benefit of the child.
  • Child and spousal maintenance: Changes in jobs or incomes might lead an ex-spouse to bring a motion to decrease the financial maintenance obligation. The court will hold hearings to determine an appropriate judgment.

Divorce Attorneys To Find Success

Prior to trial, the parties may be able to investigate or gather relevant information about the case. We will advise you of the type of documents, depositions or testimony that will reinforce your options for submitting your evidence in court, or for resolving your motion with your ex-spouse before formal hearings.

Life Is Complicated — Contact Us For Help.

Life is complicated especially after a divorce. You didn’t plan to get divorced, and you hope your divorce settlement and custody arrangements will work in the future, but life happens.

If you need a modification to any element of your child custody, spousal maintenance or child support orders, call us for a free initial consultation. Even if we did not work on your original case, we can help. Call 763-515-8013 for a free consultation with a lawyer, or use our online form.