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Legal Separation

Legal separation is an alternative to divorce but still a major change in the status of your marriage. In many ways the two options are similar. Both legal separation and divorce involve nearly the same process and take an equal amount of time.Like divorce, you are agreeing to lead separate lives, use different checkbooks for household bills and function independently. Like divorce, you must still divide your assets, and arrange for child custody and support, parenting time, debt reconciliation and spousal maintenance, when appropriate.

Unlike divorce, however, the marriage remains intact, and you cannot remarry without the proper dissolution proceedings. Should you choose to end your marriage after a legal separation is determined, you will need to petition for divorce.

Legal Separation Options

If you are considering legal separation, the experienced family law attorneys at Olson Law LLC can explain your options and work with you to reach an agreement that effectively represents your position and meets your needs.

For some couples, divorce is not the answer, and maintaining a legal marriage status is important. There are several reasons spouses might choose separation: Divorce goes against their religious beliefs or moral values, to retain current health insurance for both spouses or financial difficulties. Some couples may use the separation as a trial period to determine if they should file for divorce or repair the marriage.

Finding The Right Solution For You

The decision of legal separation can be confusing and stressful, but the order can bring the advantages and benefits of divorce while keeping the marriage legally intact.

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