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Though adoption is typically a joyful event, it can also be plagued with difficulties. Complex issues related to family law, including Minnesota regulations, termination of parental rights and contract agreements can make the process long and frustrating. By securing and filing the proper paperwork and advising you on crucial decisions, the adoption attorneys at Olson Law LLC in Buffalo can make the process smoother and less burdensome. This means that you can focus on what really matters: welcoming a new member of the family to your home. Feel free to call us at 763-515-8013 today.

Choosing The Type Of Adoption You Want

You have several options for adding a child to your family. Adoption possibilities include:

  • Private agency/independent, where birth parents relinquish their parental rights and transfer custody of the child to the adoption agency for placement. Adoptions might be open, where the adoptive parents know the identity of the biological parents, or closed, where neither set of parents is aware of the other’s identity.
  • Stepparent, when one biological parent remarries, and the new spouse wishes to become a legal parent to the child of the biological parent.
  • Relative, when a blood relative of the biological parent requests to adopt the biological child of a parent who dies or becomes unable to care for the child.
  • Public agency or foster care, where a child may be adopted after the birth parents’ rights have been terminated.
  • International, where children from abroad may be adopted, according to the laws and provisions of the country in which the child lives.

Working Hard To Secure Your Family’s Future

Adoption is a special time for both you and your new child. With experienced adoption attorneys to handle your case, Olson Law LLC can interact with agencies on your behalf, draft and file pertinent legal documents, and represent you at court hearings with sensitivity, diligence and skill.

Responding Intelligently To Problems And Disputes

Life is complicated. When you’re faced with a family crisis, you want a compassionate yet diligent lawyer who can be a fierce advocate for your case. At Olson Law LLC, we will empower you to understand your options and protect your rights as an adoptive parent.

With a responsive, intelligent approach, we will guide you through the difficulties and strive to minimize the impact on your life. Whether the biological parent is fighting the termination of his or her parental rights, you feel unprepared for the home study or you have other concerns, turn to us today.

Let’s Talk About Your Goals Today

Call our Buffalo office at 763-515-8013, or email us to set up a free initial consultation. We respond to messages promptly and can arrange off-site appointments as needed.