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Defending Your Child’s Rights And Reputation

Every child makes mistakes but some mistakes have the potential to derail their future. If your child faces criminal charges in Minnesota, you must act accordingly to protect their rights, their name and their future opportunities.

At Olson Law LLC, we treat juvenile cases with the seriousness they deserve and are committed to protecting your child’s rights, freedom, reputation and future from the damage of a criminal conviction. We look forward to helping your family navigate this trying time and put your child’s legal issues in the rear-view as quickly as possible. We defend minors against a wide variety of criminal charges, including:

  • Vandalism
  • Burglary
  • Drug possession
  • Underage drinking
  • Drunk driving (DWI/DUI)
  • Traffic tickets
  • Disorderly conduct

Juvenile Criminal Penalties Can Be Long Lasting

A juvenile conviction can result in a permanent record. Even if the record is not public it can lie dormant as a threat to your child’s future since judges will be able to access the record when considering punishments for enhancable offenses such as drug offenses. Juvenile defense may take place in the present but it is about protecting the future from the lifelong consequences of a conviction. Cases that involve a child being charged as an adult and brought into adult court can result in even harsher short-term penalties with more severe long-term implications. We approach every case prepared to take decisive action to avoid the most catastrophic outcomes whether a case is adjudicated in juvenile or adult criminal court.

Proven Results In Juvenile Defense

We take an accountability-based approach to defending minors against criminal charges, helping get to the root of issues so we can be confident that our clients are set up to take full advantage of a second chance. For example, if a child is charged with drug possession, we will identify the need for mental health and chemical dependency treatment in addition to pursuing an outcome that limits criminal punishment. The professional relationships we maintain with counselors and treatment professionals allow us to care for the whole person while representing their legal interests.

The foundation of our juvenile defense practice is built on treating kids as though they are adults, regardless of whether they are being charged as an adult. We make sure our clients understand that these crimes are serious and that they are traveling down a dangerous path that will lead to incarceration or worse. By proactively helping minors see the errors of their ways and providing them with resources to make crucial changes, we can help them resolve the issue at hand and help set the stage for a brighter future.

Act Now To Protect Your Child’s Rights

We offer a judgment-free environment to explore your juvenile defense options. Call us today at 763-515-8013 to arrange a free, confidential consultation.