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Third-Party Custody

Family court proceedings are hard on families. Children’s interests are best served when divorcing parents can establish an amicable relationship for their care and well-being. Nonetheless, there are times when a child’s parents are not fit or able to provide them with the care and support they need. Third-party custody matters arise when someone other than the biological parents seeks legal custody. The capacity of a parent to care for the child is the primary issue in a third party’s challenge to parental preference. Olson Law LLC has the resources and understanding of Minnesota law to navigate the obstacles in making a successful case for alternative custody.

Reasons For Third-Party Custody

Generally, third-party custody placement is due to the biological parent’s inability or refusal to parent the child because of physical or mental incapacity, chemical dependency, neglect, abuse, or other difficulties.

A third-party custody petition allows an individual who is not the legal parent of a child to petition for legal or physical custody. Petitioners might include grandparents, blood relatives or stepparents. In special circumstances, courts have awarded third-party custody to such petitioners as biological aunts and uncles, foster parents, same-sex partners, companions of deceased natural parents or former companions of living natural parents.

These Cases Are Complex And Challenging

Third-party custody cases are unique in that courts must balance the rights of biological parents along with the best interests of the minor child involved. Restricting parental rights is a complex and exacting procedure.

Olson Law LLC will help you determine your qualification to petition for custody as a de facto custodian, the primary caretaker of a child for the past two years or an interested third party, who can prove parental neglect or abuse. We’ll assess your options and create an approach that reaches a balanced agreement to protect children during a difficult time.

Our Team Offers Compassionate Legal Help

Life is complicated. When you’re faced with a family crisis, you want a compassionate yet diligent attorney who can be a fierce advocate for your case. Heather Olson empowers clients to evaluate options and protect their rights.

With a responsive, intelligent approach, Heather will guide you through the difficulties ahead to minimize their impact on your life. Her knowledge and insight offer resources that specifically support the needs of couples struggling with divorce, child custody, parenting and the many challenges related to family law.

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