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Divorce, Custody And Other Family Law Appeals

Contested divorce, child custody disputes and other contentious family law matters are notorious for leaving both opposing parties unhappy. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your divorce or with a custody order, you are not alone. If you believe a district court judge abused their discretionary powers when arriving at some aspect of the outcome, it is time to talk with an appellate attorney. The lawyers at Olson Law LLC in Buffalo, Minnesota, carefully evaluate potential family law appeals.

Keep in mind that appeals may be more challenging than other types of family law cases, such as negotiations, mediation or the original case. Relatively few family law appeals in Minnesota are successful. However, this is not a reason to ignore the possibility of filing an appeal. Ask for legal advice if you believe an appeal is justified. A successful family law appeal may result in a court decision being reversed or remanded back down to the district court for reconsideration.

Our Track Record In Family Law Appeals

Many family law attorneys choose not to handle appeals. Some Minnesota family lawyers refer cases to us when their clients have good reasons to consider appealing unsatisfactory family law judgments and court orders. Attorneys Heather Olson and Collin Ostroot have helped clients evaluate rationales for their proposed appeals of court decisions for their family law matters, such as:

  • High-asset or complex divorces, including asset division and spousal maintenance
  • Business valuation and allocation of business assets
  • Child custody disputes, including moveaways and other modifications
  • Grandparents’ rights cases
  • Stepparent custody or adoption cases

We believe in educating clients thoroughly about the appeals processes and case preparation. They are then able to make intelligent decisions about whether or not to go through with an appeal. Once you understand the pros and cons of filing an appeal, we can help you move quickly if you decide to do so.

Learn How To Appeal A Flawed Family Law Court Judgment Or Order

The Minnesota Court of Appeals has strict filing deadlines. You have 60 days to notify the court of your intention to appeal. There is no time to waste if you to leave the door open for an appeal. We hope to hear from you if you are dissatisfied with your family law case outcome.

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