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Need A Criminal Case Expunged?

You already know that having a criminal record can seriously handicap you when applying for jobs, renting apartments and pursuing other goals. However, did you know that Minnesota law significantly changed in 2015 — making it easier than before to erase your criminal history and start again? At Olson Law LLC in Buffalo, we help people across Wright County and the surrounding areas to clear their criminal records. Let us explain your options, too. Call our criminal law attorneys at 763-515-8013 to set up a free consultation.

Which Convictions Can Be Expunged?

Typically, misdemeanor offenses of all kinds can be expunged after a certain period of time (usually two to four years after probation is complete).

Some felonies — such as murder and kidnapping — cannot be purged from your record. However, many lower-level felonies are often eligible for statutory expungement. These include theft of less than $5,000, embezzlement of public funds, juvenile offenses, check forgery, certain drug crimes and many other types of offenses.

What Happens If My Case Was Dismissed?

You will likely qualify for an immediate expungement if your case was dismissed or you were acquitted as not guilty. You may qualify for expungement after a one-year waiting period if your case was resolved by diversion or a stay of adjudication.

How Long Does The Process Take?

If you qualify for an expungement (sometimes called “record sealing”), you can expect the entire process to take approximately five or six months.

What Should I Do To Get Started?

All you have to do is contact our lawyers to get started. We will review your particular situation with you and advise you about how to proceed.

In expungement cases, we handle all the paperwork and interact with the various government agencies on your behalf. We will also attend the court hearing and address any governmental appeals that arise. The bottom line is that you can leave your worries in our hands. We’ll handle it.

Contact Us For Help

Call 763-515-8013 for a free, confidential consultation with an attorney. You can also reach our Buffalo office by email. We respond to messages within 24 hours. We can also arrange to meet you at your home or another convenient location as necessary.