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Minnesota Divorce Mediation

At Olson Law LLC, we offer divorce mediation services from attorney Heather Olson, a certified mediator with more than a decade of family law experience. She combines her experience and skillset with a vast knowledge of the judicial process to forge creative resolutions in the west metro, St. Cloud and surrounding communities. She has handled hundreds of mediated divorces during her family law career and carries that perspective into her mediation practice.

Frequently Asked Mediation Questions

“What is mediation?” Mediation is a process of alternative dispute resolution that can be entered into at any time in the divorce process. You and your former partner can utilize mediation to reach legal agreements on issues such as co-parenting schedules, financial settlements, and more. Mediation is facilitated by a certified mediator and any agreements reached must be approved by a judge.

“Do I have to go through mediation to get a divorce?” Minnesota law requires parties to attend mediation in an effort to find a solution without litigation.

“Does mediation mean I won’t have to go to court?” Yes*. If a settlement reached during mediation is approved by a judge, there will be no further issues to litigate. *= If no settlement can be reached, litigation remains a possibility for resolving the remaining issues in your divorce.

“Do I need an attorney?” You do not necessarily have to have an attorney when you go through mediation. However, it is recommended to have representation to make sure you are protecting your interests at all phases of your divorce.

“Can Heather be my attorney and my mediator?” No. Heather is available to serve as a mediator or to represent clients in their divorce, but not both. Filling both roles would be a conflict of interest.

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