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Child Custody

When a marriage dissolves, the children are often the most vulnerable. Emotional unrest, fear of change, confusion and guilt are all common reactions for children in divorce. You want to make decisions with objectivity and reason. All parties want the best outcomes for their children. Olson Law LLC will use every resource to manage your family’s transition and concerns with strength and diplomacy gained through our long experience, even in the midst of a custody battle.

Two Options Are Available To The Court During A Custody Battle:

  • Legal custody, which gives the parent the right to determine the child’s upbringing, including, health care, education, welfare and faith. Joint legal custody gives both parents equal rights and responsibilities in bringing up the child.
  • Physical custody gives one parent responsibility for daily home, care and supervision of the child. Parents who are awarded joint physical custody make arrangements to share the needs of the child.

When determining the best interests of children, the courts use a variety of guiding factors, including the parents’ reasons; the child’s preference, or the primary caretaker; the relationships of the child with parents and other family members; the child’s adjustment and stability at home, school and the community; the mental and emotional health of the parties to provide a loving and safe environment; the child’s cultural background; incidents of domestic abuse, and more.

Do You Want A Judge To Impose A Custody Plan?

Special factors can also be cause for consideration, especially in a contested case where the couple disagrees about custody. A court-appointed neutral attorney may be called to mediate the custody battle and recommend a custody solution. Remember, if you cannot agree on a solution, a judge may impose a custody plan that may not be optimal.

Child custody is a critical area of disputes in many divorces and often the most difficult. Olson Law LLC can help you draw up a workable parenting plan to meet your goals, resolve key disagreements with the other parent and present yourself competently for the best results in litigation or mediation. Cooperation, in the long run, maybe best for your child, as your custody agreement may be in force for many years and you may have to deal with your child’s other parent regularly.

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