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DWI And Your Driving Privileges

The most immediate and important result of getting arrested for DWI in Minnesota may be losing your driver’s license. Without your license, you cannot legally drive to your job, take your children to school, or do all the everyday things you rely on your driving privileges to do. What you may not realize is you have the right to challenge the license suspension and possibly get your license back.

The attorneys of Olson Law LLC serve the West Metro with strong, creative criminal defense. Besides defending you against the DUI charge, we will also fight to restore your driver’s license as quickly as possible. We focus on delivering positive results for our clients and minimizing the impact a criminal charge has on their lives.

Losing Your License After A DUI Arrest – And Getting It Back

For someone with no prior record, a DWI arrest means the court will issue a Notice of Revocation, which automatically suspends your driver’s license for 90 days. The law allows you to regain full or partial driving privileges in a shorter period of time, but you must either:

  • Apply for partial driving privileges, generally to commute to work or school
  • Pay to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle
  • Plead guilty to the DUI charge

You should not make a decision about what to do before consulting one of our attorneys. There are consequences to pleading guilty to DUI that you may not know about. In addition, we can help you challenge the suspension in court. A successful challenge can help you regain your right to drive without giving you a criminal record.

The Clock Is Ticking On Your Ability To Drive

However, you only have 60 days to challenge your license suspension. If you need your driving privileges back while your criminal case is pending, contact Olson Law as soon as possible. The length and circumstances of your suspension depend on many factors. We will explain your options to you so you know how to proceed.

Call 763-515-8013 to schedule a free consultation about getting your driver’s license back. We represent clients throughout the West Metro and central Minnesota. We return all messages within 24 hours.