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Restraining Orders

At Olson Law LLC, we have long practiced at the intersection of family law and criminal defense. That is why we know the law surrounding orders of protection so well. Whether you need help protecting your family or you have found yourself faced with a restraining order, we can provide you with calm, compassionate and knowledgeable guidance through the difficulties of this situation.

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Because we’ve been on both sides of the issue, we can approach your case strategically and with your interests protected, often in situations where the stakes could not be higher.

Our goal is to find practical solutions that keep you and your family safe. Because we have been helping clients’ matters involving restraining orders for many years, we know what obstacles you may face and can provide you with knowledgeable legal guidance. Call 763-515-8013 to schedule a free consultation.

What Is An Emergency Order For Protection?

An emergency order for protection is a paper signed by a judge that tells an abuser to stop the abuse or face serious legal consequences. Civil legal protection from domestic violence is granted to men, women and child victims. Most orders are in effect for two years. Violation of an order of protection is a criminal act.

Two Types Of Emergency Orders For Protection Are Granted:

  • An ex parte (temporary) order of protection is granted on information initially provided to the court and does not require the alleged abuser to be present.
  • Full orders of protection are issued only after a full court hearing where both parties are present in court to tell their story; the order may be extended past a two-year period through application.

Both temporary and full orders of protection may include terms such as no contact at home, at work, on the phone or through mail; removal or prohibition of the offender from your place of residence or work; a halt to domestic abuse; an award of temporary child custody, or financial support. A judge will determine the conditions of the order based on the facts of your case.

Need An Order For Protection Quickly?

Domestic abuse orders of protection are issued by a court when allegations of physical abuse in a domestic relationship can be shown. If an order for protection is issued, many times it will not allow the person whom the order has been issued against to have contact with the alleged victim.

If an order for protection is violated, it can be charged as a criminal offense. Violations of orders of protection are “enhanceable” offenses and are qualified domestic violence-related offenses. What this means is that if a person is convicted of a violation of an order for protection and there are previous convictions on the record, the person can be charged at a higher level. If a person is charged with three qualified domestic violence-related offenses, it can be a felony.

It is very important to speak with an attorney if you need to seek such an order to protect yourself or your children against someone who may be committing acts of domestic violence against you. It is also very important to speak with an attorney if someone has sought such an order against you as potential violations can have serious legal consequences.

The law is very specific in this area, and legal assistance is a must. A hearing in this type of matter will be expedited, and you will need immediate legal assistance if you are seeking such an order or if you are defending against an order being brought against you.

Harassment Restraining Orders

Harassment restraining orders are similar to orders of protection but are determined on less restrictive criteria. A harassment order can be sought if there is harassment or stalking behavior absent abuse. This type of order can be brought against anyone not just someone with a domestic relationship. Again, there are expedited hearings in this type of case, so seeking legal assistance is important.

The Best Solution For You

Whether you are seeking an order of protection, defending yourself against an allegation of domestic abuse involving an order for protection or need a restraining order against unwanted contact and harassment from a nonhousehold member, it’s crucial that you speak to an experienced family law attorney quickly.

Olson Law LLC will assist you with understanding and protecting your rights for personal security and freedom from danger.

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