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Appeal Your Criminal Conviction Or Sentence

Considering how drastically a criminal conviction or sentence may change someone’s life, it is perhaps not surprising that criminal appeals are common. If you have been convicted on charges of a misdemeanor or felony and/or have been sentenced after a conviction, you may believe the court’s decision is unsatisfactory. The time to consider filing an appeal is as soon as possible after a conviction or sentencing.

Olson Law LLC in Buffalo, Minnesota, is a source of education and advocacy for people in the region who have been convicted on charges of drug crimes, violent crimes, probation violations and other criminal offenses. Our criminal appellate attorneys are available to evaluate your case for a potential appeal. The sooner you contact us, the more options you may have to file a successful appeal.

Things To Know About Criminal Appeals In Minnesota

When we meet with you about a possible criminal appeal, we will gather the information necessary to advise you on how your appeal might proceed. For example, we will discuss the following procedures with you:

  • If you have been convicted of first-degree murder, you will need to file an appeal directly to the Minnesota Supreme Court. For other criminal charges, your appeal will be to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.
  • The deadline for filing an appeal is 90 days after sentencing for a felony or gross misdemeanor sentencing or conviction.
  • The deadline after a conviction or sentencing for a misdemeanor or petty misdemeanor is 30 days.
  • The filing deadline after an order denying a post-conviction petition is 60 days.
  • An extension of up to 30 days may be granted when requested through a timely motion with good cause.
  • Filing deadlines with the Minnesota Court of Appeals are strict.

The substance of your criminal appeal will be expressed through a formal or informal brief or a letter to the court. Any brief that is filed should have an addendum that includes a copy of the court order that is being appealed. If your appeal is successful, the original decision may be reversed or remanded back to a lower court for reconsideration.

What Are The Grounds For Your Appeal?

Requirements for the steps above and other aspects of a criminal appeal in Minnesota are precise and detailed. Work with an experienced defense attorney to learn how to pursue a better outcome in your criminal case.

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