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When Family And Criminal Law Intersect

Occasionally, in a disputed family law matter, the person on the other side may make criminal accusations that are completely untrue but, nonetheless, must be addressed in court. In other cases, simply being accused of a crime can lead to marital and family difficulties, including child custody issues. If you are facing criminal charges and dealing with a difficult family law matter, Olson Law LLC can help.

We Know Domestic Violence Law. Let Us Help You Chart A Path Forward.

Heather Olson has extensive experience as a divorce and family law attorney as well as an extensive background in defending the rights of those accused of crimes. She is well-equipped to represent you in both your family law and criminal defense matters, including domestic assault issues, orders of protection, harassment restraining orders, custody and divorce. Having the same attorney represent you in all of your legal challenges can provide you with reassurance and save you time and money.

Our knowledge and perspective can help you overcome damaging civil and criminal consequences. She quickly grasps the big picture, and the interplay between criminal and family law cases. She helps you see your options and will develop a sound course of action to help you navigate through your challenges.

Whether in the courtroom or dealing with high-stakes issues at the negotiating table, Heather is focused on your best interests, and on minimizing the impact on your life and reputation related to any legal matter. Her goal is for you to resolve your legal concerns, find solutions that work for your life and for your future, and to put the past behind you.

Criminal Defense And Family Law Attorney, Buffalo, Minnesota

At Olson Law LLC, you will find an attorney who knows how to protect your rights when a family law matter has a related criminal law component. Heather Olson comprehends the issues that may arise for a person who is facing interrelated family law and criminal defense cases. She is a forward-thinking, knowledgeable and approachable attorney who will help you resolve your legal issues.

Talk to an attorney who understands both the criminal and the family law aspects of your legal challenges. We offer a free, first consultation with an attorney who is passionate about protecting her clients’ rights and futures. Contact our Buffalo law firm to schedule your meeting: 763-515-8013. If you cannot make it to the office, we can come to you.