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The Divorce And Criminal Defense Attorneys You Can Trust

At Olson Law LLC, we take a different approach to the practice of law. We focus exclusively in the areas of family law, criminal defense and related civil matters. Our passion for the law and our experience in private practice, as a prosecutor and a public defender, provide an insightful and astute perspective in understanding the legal system.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal charges can be very frightening and should always be taken seriously. Criminal convictions can be debilitating to many, affecting careers and future job opportunities, the ability to obtain housing and maintain relationships with family and friends. Sometimes, criminal convictions lead to loss of civil rights such as your right to vote.

We understand the law and its consequences. Making sure that you understand the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction is the mission. We do everything possible to avoid a tarnished criminal record, and minimize the consequences while preserving your reputation and credibility.

Family Law/Divorce Lawyer

Life has its complications. For families suffering from the pain and distress of separation, we are an oasis of knowledge and guidance in troubled times. As your divorce attorney, we aptly protect our clients’ lawful rights in cases of divorce, paternity, child custody, asset division, alimony, protection and more.

We will discuss the options that support positive outcomes for you and your family, protecting your interests as you work toward a conclusion that reduces the impact of personal crises on your future.

Protecting You Financially

Defending your stance in a court of law can be expensive. Because we understand the financial strain of attorney fees, we do offer financing options.

We also understand that sometimes it’s hard for people to attend meetings with their attorney due to transportation and scheduling issues, which is why we have several meeting locations, including an office in Buffalo and conference rooms in Maple Grove and Minneapolis. If these locations are still inconvenient, we can arrange a meeting near you.

At Olson Law LLC, we want you to feel comfortable seeking legal representation. We know that you have a lot at stake, and every matter is treated seriously and defended aggressively. We fight for your rights because we know that even good people sometimes end up in difficult situations.

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