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Experienced High-Asset Divorce Representation

For families with a high net worth, divorce brings special concerns. A variety of issues may develop, from the necessity of spousal support to questions involving the characterization of marital property and the valuation of family or closely held businesses.

Comprehensive Help For High-Asset Divorces

Emotional issues always surround a divorce, which means you may not always be at your best when it comes to dealing with complex financial and property division issues. Our attorneys at Olson Law LLC can help.

We understand Minnesota family law and the financial and legal issues that come with these types of cases. We also are compassionate with our clients, knowing the challenges and emotions families face while dealing with the uncertainty of their future and the divorce process.

Financial Disclosure Documents Are Complex

Financial matters for a family with substantial assets are often intricate, and our attorneys can offer knowledgeable guidance for dealing with the elaborate details of a complex divorce. Compiling an accurate accounting of all of the assets, income, debts and liabilities alone can be a daunting task. Asset division of the marital property is made more complex by the need to consider the effects of taxes, separate property and the time value of money.

If a significant portion of the marital property consists of a professional practice or a family business that is closely held and illiquid, a careful examination needs to be made of the businesses’ financial disclosure statement. Ensuring that the revenue, asset appraisal and future income are reliable is necessary to make certain the property division and spousal support is truly accurate and equitable.

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