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Couples finalizing divorce settlements are sometimes faced with difficult decisions when they find themselves in the midst of a child custody dispute. Often, one of the determining factors in reaching an agreement involves paternity. Paternity is a legal action to establish the biological father of the child, setting a precedent for child support obligations, right to inheritance, adoption consent and custody. Custody resolution can be a complex arena in family proceedings. Our attorneys at Olson Law LLC can help with child support, and will work for paternity determination to achieve full parental access rights and ensure financial responsibility is taken for the children.

Under Minnesota Law, Paternity Is Established In Two Ways

Recognizing parentage: A sworn statement by both parents claiming that an identified man is the child’s father; this document can be signed anytime, provided the mother is not married to someone else and that the parents are at least 18 years old. Both parents must sign the statement to render it valid.

  • Genetic testing: Collected DNA samples scientifically prove paternity, but the testing may require a court order. Confirmation of parentage is assured when there may be more than one man claiming to be the father of a child.

A Child Support Attorney For Your Paternity Needs

Granting legal paternity can become even more confusing with special circumstances. If you are the mother of a child born out of wedlock, you may need to file an action for paternity to obtain an order determining who the biological father of the child is, and an order for custody, visitation, child support or birthing expenses you have incurred on behalf of the child. As a child support attorney, our vast experience helps you achieve the ideal outcome.

Given the numerous rights and responsibilities involved with raising a child, it is critical that you consult with an accomplished child support attorney who can properly advise and guide you. Olson Law LLC will evaluate and explain your rights and options, and provide the resources needed to help you move forward in establishing your child’s satisfactory welfare.

Life is complicated. When you’re faced with a family crisis, you want a compassionate yet diligent attorney who can be a fierce advocate for your case. Olson Law LLC empowers clients to evaluate options and protect their rights.

With a responsive, intelligent approach, we guide you through the difficulties ahead to minimize their impact on your life. Our knowledge and insight offer resources that specifically support the needs of couples struggling with divorce, child custody, parenting and the many challenges related to family law.

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