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3 crucial professionals to consult for your high-asset divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | high asset divorce |

Ending a marriage can be a highly emotional process. When a divorce involves valuable assets such as millions of funds, vast real estate properties and large-scale businesses, it may also be a financial ordeal.

The complexities of property division might be overwhelming for divorcing spouses. Hence, forming a team of professionals may help you navigate your high-asset divorce.

To handle financial matters

Getting finance professionals will help navigate a wide array of financial matters. It is important to have a precise financial statement, and this will be done by a certified public accountant.

Meanwhile, a tax accountant can provide advice on tax implications while a forensic accountant can check if your spouse is not declaring all their assets. In addition, financial advisers and business analysts may provide guidance on other concerns such as investments, retirement funds and business matters.

To deal with real estate assets

Professionals from the real estate industry will also be of help. A real estate appraiser needs to correctly estimate the market value of your assets, such as residences, lands, buildings, commercial spaces and industrial properties.

Also, the appraiser must provide projections on the depreciation and appreciation of your real estate assets. Additionally, a real estate adviser can make suggestions on whether it is better to sell or divide certain properties.

To navigate the legal process

Finally, a high-asset divorce team will not be complete without legal professionals. As they help you go through your divorce, a family law attorney can provide guidance on matters aside from property division. They may also help you deal with alimony, child support, child custody and parenting time.

Securing your fair share

Sound financial decision-making is an important factor when going through a divorce that deals with valuable assets. It may enable you to secure your fair share so that you can walk away from your marriage with more financial security.