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Minnesota police accuse 2 of drug crimes

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2024 | Criminal defense |

Minnesota police say two men sold fentanyl to a deputy at a Halstad gas station on a recent Friday. The police officer reportedly posed as a private individual looking to buy “blues” or “downers,” which are M30 fentanyl tablets. Investigators claim that one of the men (who is said to have driven the other man to the gas station) told them he had been smoking the drug in the vehicle while he was driving.  

The undercover police officer claims that he was able to purchase 74 fentanyl pills from the man who exited the vehicle. Police conducted a search of the vehicle. They allegedly discovered more fentanyl, in addition to other types of drugs, plus cash and replica guns, which they confiscated.  

Bail set for both men accused of drug crimes 

Police took both men into custody. A judge set one man’s bail at $750,000 without conditions. The other man’s bail was several hundred thousand dollars less, with conditions. Both men are now facing charges for felony drug crimes, and the driver of the vehicle is also accused of DWI 

Those accused of drug crimes in Minnesota are, of course, entitled to legal representation. This is a top priority for anyone facing felony charges because an experienced attorney can review a case and determine which defense options are most viable. Even if the court hands down a conviction, an attorney may be able to convince the judge to issue a lighter sentence than the maximum allowed under the law.