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Filing for divorce from a narcissist

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2024 | high asset divorce |

Being married to a narcissist often reveals that those who have this type of personality typically show conditional love. If the narcissist’s standards are met, things will go well. However, a narcissist will withhold love, including marital intimacy, conversation or any interaction at all to “punish” a spouse. Filing for divorce from a narcissist in Minnesota might spark gaslighting and other manipulative behaviors.

It’s best to build a network of support from the start. Relying on experienced legal support in the courtroom allows a concerned spouse to stay in the background, where the narcissist can’t try to trigger a confrontation.

Use these phrases to minimize stress in a divorce from a narcissist

A narcissist uses gaslighting techniques and other emotionally abusive behavior to try to gain control. Keep the phrases shown in the following list in mind to help diffuse emotional outbursts while navigating a divorce:

  • We are entitled to our own opinions.
  • I will not engage further in this discussion due to your disrespectful tone.
  • I am not responsible for your feelings or behavior.
  • I cannot control your actions, but I can control my responses.
  • I can make my own decisions.

 Do not “take the bait” when a narcissist tries to spark an explosive reaction.

Resources available to help families move on in life

Many people have found it helpful to attend therapy sessions after breaking off a relationship with a narcissist. Regarding divorce, and especially if a spouse’s narcissistic behavior has negatively affected children, counseling might be an effective means of support. It’s also a good idea to meet with a financial adviser and to obtain legal support to ensure a fair settlement under Minnesota divorce and property division laws.