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Child custody problem, parental alienation

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | child custody |

Many Minnesota spouses are parents dealing with exes who are determined to turn their children against them. Some do this as an act of revenge for past marital hurt or out of anger because of a divorce. Every parent (barring restrictions set by the court due to extenuating circumstances) is entitled to a child custody arrangement that provides the opportunity for each parent to have a meaningly and positive relationship with their children.  

Parental alienation is a term that refers to the intentional attempts of one parent to turn children against the other. It is not only stressful for the targeted parent but can also cause severe stress and mental health problems for children. A concerned parent who facing these issues can seek the court’s intervention to help resolve the problem.  

Signs of parental alienation in a child custody case 

 The following list shows common symptoms that children might exhibit if they are being alienated from a parent:  

  • Sudden animosity toward and rejection of a parent they were close to prior to the divorce 
  • Rejected parent has no history of maltreatment or unfitness toward the children 
  • One parent is denying the other access to the children or denying the children access to the parent 
  • Children make hateful comments or accusations that are not based on facts 
  • Kids start referring to the targeted parent by his or her first name 
  • Disordered sense of loyalty toward one parent over the other 

 Children may become confused or even fearful of the targeted parent, which can make it difficult to restore the relationship. 

Be proactive to stop parental alienation  

No one has a right to impede a parent’s relationship with his or her children following a divorce. Parental alienation is a serious child custody issue that can cause a lot of emotional harm for children and the targeted parent. A concerned Minnesota parent can seek support from an experienced family law attorney to address the issue in court.