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Minnesota traffic stop leads to theft accusations

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2024 | Criminal defense |

Minnesota police made a traffic stop on a recent Saturday in a small town approximately 30 miles north of Hoffman. The vehicle and the driver fit descriptions police had received earlier regarding an individual who was suspected of robbery. A general store in Hoffman had an undisclosed amount of money stolen a day earlier.

A statewide alert was issued after the theft. After police took the man into custody during the traffic stop, the alert was canceled. The man is accused of grabbing money out of the till in the store when the clerk opened the drawer. The clerk reportedly told police that the man had asked for dollars in exchange for coins, but then reached over the counter and grabbed money when the drawer was open.

The robbery is still under investigation

If an individual is taken into custody because they fit the description of someone suspected of a crime, it is not proof of anything. It does not even necessarily mean that the case will go to trial. Cases of mistaken identity often compel a criminal court to dismiss charges.

Anyone facing theft charges in Minnesota will want to seek legal support as soon as possible. An experienced criminal defense attorney can review a case and recommend the best defense strategy. While it is not always possible to avoid a conviction, a defense attorney can often help mitigate circumstances by asking the court to issue a lighter sentence than the maximum state law allows.