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Should the new year include this child custody plan?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2024 | child custody |

For many Minnesota parents, the start of 2024 will be affected by divorce proceedings. While such situations do cause disruption and stress in children’s lives, there are options available to help maintain a sense of normalcy and routine, both of which have been known to help kids cope better with divorce. One such option is unique, yet more and more parents are trying it. It is an arrangement known as “bird nest” child custody.

There are several benefits to a bird nest child custody plan but also a few possible downsides. A set of parents should consider all possibilities before deciding whether this arrangement would work well for their family. It is also wise to create a detailed, written agreement before implementing a bird nest custody plan.

How it works

In a bird nest child custody arrangement, the children continue to live in the same house their parents shared during the marriage. The parents take turns living there with them. Parents typically create a rotating schedule ahead of time so that transferring custody occurs smoothly and simply. Benefits of bird nesting include not having to sell the family home, as well as not having to transport the kids and their belongings back and forth between two households. They can stay in the same neighborhood and school, which minimizes the disruption the divorce will cause in their daily life.

Possible downsides include the expense of a secondary residence for each parent when it is not their turn to live with the kids, although many parents simply share a studio apartment to keep costs low. Another possible downside is the awkwardness that can occur if one or both parents enter a new relationship. Setting boundaries and ground rules ahead of time is helpful. Any Minnesota parent who wishes to learn more about bird nest child custody can schedule an appointment with an experienced family law attorney.