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When divorce and back-to-school time intersect

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | high asset divorce |

In Minnesota and throughout the country, many parents and children are gearing up for a new school year. Data shows that the average cost of school supplies for one student is just under $500. Who should pay this in families where parents have recently filed for or finalized a divorce?  

Thinking ahead to answer this question, as well as discussing numerous other important issues can help parents avoid child custody stress during the back-to-school season. In fact, parents can incorporate some of these issues into their parenting plan, which helps avoid confusion and post-divorce disputes. Then again, no matter how well-written a custody agreement is, it is still possible for legal complications to arise, which is why it is always best to know where to seek support to help resolve such problems in the swiftest and most feasible manner possible.  

Children cope better with divorce when routines are established 

When a set of parents divorce, they do not necessarily have to operate under the same rules in their individual households. However, if the goal is to avoid parental conflict and minimize children’s stress during the back-to-school season following a divorce, it is helpful to establish routines that carry over between both parents’ homes. For example, parents can agree to have kids follow a specific routine for doing homework, as well as carrying out other tasks and activities on a daily or weekly schedule.  

In addition to back-to-school expenses, household routines and other child custody issues, parents who have recently filed for or finalized a divorce in Minnesota will also want to discuss issues like transportation, parent/teacher conferences, special events, and more. If, at any time during the school year, a child custody dispute arises, a concerned parent can meet with an experienced family law attorney for guidance and support. An attorney’s input often helps resolve such matters in a much less stressful way than when parents try to handle legal issues on their own.