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Do not wear these things to court in a child custody case

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | child custody |

As a Minnesota parent who wants what is best for your children, you’re no doubt willing to do challenging things, perhaps even things you don’t want to do when you know it benefits your kids. If you have filed for a divorce, for instance, you might have to compromise on a specific issue to achieve a fair settlement. During child custody proceedings, especially if you have requested primary custody, the judge will be closely monitoring your words and actions. Your appearance will also make an impression.  

If you hope to win custody of your children, there are certain types of clothing and styles you should not wear in a courtroom. In fact, some things might compel the judge to ask you to leave, which, of course, would not be favorable to your case. By doing some research ahead of time, you can present yourself in a way that demonstrates your respect for the court and your understanding of the seriousness of custody proceedings. 

Do not wear a hat inside a courtroom 

Even if you chose it to be part of your outfit, you’ll want to remove your hat before entering a courtroom for child custody proceedings. The term “hat” is basically referring to all types of hats, caps, bandanas or other head coverings (except those worn for religious reasons). Also avoid having a large comb sticking out of your hair or rollers in your hair.  

Clothing should not reveal undergarments or have rips or holes 

It’s best to avoid wearing jeans in court, but if you do, at least make sure they do not have tears or holes in them. Also wear a belt, if needed, to keep them at your waist because, if any undergarments are showing, the judge will likely instruct you to exit the courtroom. 

Keep shoulders and back covered at all times 

A courtroom is no place for “beach attire,” such as sleeveless tops, halters or tube tops. If you have a sleeveless top on, make sure you wear a business-style jacket over top when you’re in court. Men and women should always keep their backs, shoulders and chest covered inside a courtroom.  

If it’s sheer or see-through, don’t wear it to court 

In addition to making sure clothing covers the body, it should also be opaque. Wearing anything that is sheer or see-through is like asking the judge to kick you out. Keep in mind that the way you dress will influence the judge’s decision regarding what type of parent you are and whether he or she should grant you primary custody of your children. See-through clothing is not going to convince the court of such.  

If you’re not sure what to wear inside a Minnesota courtroom, visit the website of the court that is hearing your case. Most court websites post dress codes, which will give you a clear idea of what to wear, as well as what not to wear.