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Minnesota man facing new charges for drug crimes

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Criminal defense |

A Minnesota man had been in jail and was then placed on a supervised release program. This is a restricted type of release that typically lasts anywhere from one to five years. In this case, the man in question has encountered more problems while living under restricted freedom. He is being accused of committing drug crimes.

On a recent Saturday, just after midnight, law enforcement officers reportedly saw the man, who was sitting in a vehicle at an off-campus housing complex. Police say that they watched numerous people approach the man’s vehicle, enter it, then leave after a few moments. This raised the officers’ suspicions of illegal drug activity.

Police took the man into custody for suspected drug crimes

The 34-year-old man is now back in police custody. The officers who were monitoring his activity in a parked vehicle arrested him for suspected criminal activity involving drugs. Investigators claim to have confiscated numerous drugs from the man’s car, including fentanyl, cocaine and oxycodone pills.

Any substance seized during a search must be sent to a laboratory for testing to confirm that the substance is an illegal drug. Police say they expect drug charges to be filed against the man, who will then have an opportunity to refute the charges in court. Most people facing charges for drug crimes request a meeting with an experienced criminal law attorney before pleading their case.