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Spousal support for a stay-at-home parent

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Firm News |

Deciding to stay at home and care for your household and children provides many benefits to your family. Your work at home allows your spouse to focus on career goals, contributing to the marital estate.

Since you are not currently in the workforce, you may wonder if you can afford to live independently following a divorce.

Can you afford to get a divorce as a stay-at-home parent?

Choosing to work at home to care for your children means you made educational and career sacrifices. Without a degree or recent work experience, facing a divorce is scary. People often stay in a marriage out of fear for their financial security. However, Minnesota laws can protect you during a divorce and help you get on your feet.

What are your options for financial support?

It is vital to know your support options during and following a divorce. When you understand your rights, you can secure a settlement that meets your needs. Minnesota has several types of spousal support:

       Temporary: This kind of alimony aims to provide financial support while you gain skills or get an education to help you find employment.

       Short-term: This type of maintenance helps provide additional income while you work an entry-level job, finish school or await the sale of marital property.

       Long-term: A judge can award you long-term alimony if you have spent most of your life as a stay-at-home mom or stay-at-home dad. Typically, this is only an option if you are not likely to find employment that covers the cost of your bills.


Concern for your family’s well-being can lead to poor decision-making during a divorce. Know your legal rights and options to help safeguard your financial future.