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Moving on in life after a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Uncategorized |

For Minnesota parents, deciding to end a marriage is not without serious implications for the lives of all family members, including children. The ability to cope with the changes in life that a divorce might bring depends on numerous factors, such as how willing each spouse is to compromise and cooperate to achieve a fair settlement. A concerned parent may reach out for additional support as needed to help children come to terms with a divorce and continue to live productive, healthy lives.  

Try not to harbor anger toward an ex 

The events leading up to a divorce may be emotionally upsetting, especially if one spouse was unfaithful or some other cataclysmic incident occurred. Psychologists say that some people have trouble letting go of their anger toward a former spouse, which can impede their ability to move forward. Particularly if children are involved, it is wise to try not to harbor anger or keep dwelling in the past but to look ahead to the future with a positive attitude.  

Signs that children are not coping well 

It is not uncommon for children to be sad or angry or confused upon learning that their parents have filed for divorce. In time, however, a watchful parent should be able to see signs that his or her kids are learning to cope and adjust to new daily routines. If a child is having nightmares, doing poorly in school or showing other signs that he or she is not coping well, additional support can be sought to help resolve the problem.  

Legal problems can cause emotional disruption 

No two people handle divorce in exactly the same way. Some are able to move ahead without complications. One thing that can make this difficult, however, is a dispute about a child custody issue. If the court has issued a custody order, both parents must adhere to its terms. If legal problems arise, it can cause frustration, anger and stress, which makes it harder for everyone involved to cope. The sooner such problems are resolved, the better, which is why it is helpful to consult with an experienced family law attorney if a parent does not feel equipped to handle a specific issue alone.