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Divorce from a narcissist can be challenging

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | high asset divorce |

If a Minnesota married couple disagrees on an important issue, it might take days or weeks and a lot of discussion to be able to resolve the matter. When the issue involves divorce and one of the spouses is a narcissist, the court’s intervention may be required to resolve disputes. A person whose spouse is narcissistic will want to be well-prepared before heading to court and ready to protect his or her rights.

A narcissistic spouse will try to gain the upper hand in court

Whether litigating property division issues, child custody or some other divorce-related matter, a narcissist always wants to be in control. A narcissist is likely to view divorce as a personal attack rather than the mutual ending of a relationship.  This can spark problems for the other spouse, especially if the narcissistic spouse lies or tries to intimidate his or her former partner in order to sway the court’s favor in his or her direction.

A narcissist is self-absorbed and unconcerned about fairness

A narcissist is not worried about achieving a peaceful, fair settlement in a divorce. The good news, however, is that the court cares about fairness and will make just decisions according to the merits of an individual case in accordance with applicable laws. Especially regarding property division, a person who wants to make sure that his or her narcissistic spouse has to play by the rules will be prepared to show all bank statements, income and tax records, as well as a list of all assets and liabilities and any other financial documents that may influence the court’s decisions.

Resist being drawn into a confrontation

Narcissists love to cause arguments then blame the other person so that they themselves appear to be victims rather than instigators. A spouse who has filed for divorce from a narcissist can avoid being baited into a court battle by allowing an experienced family law attorney to speak and act on his or her behalf during proceedings. This is the best way to protect one’s rights and financial interests in court.