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Reasons for drinking that could lead to DWI charges

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | DWI |

Many Minnesotans have gotten behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. Drinking a glass of wine before driving is not necessarily a criminal act, though it is always best to abstain from alcohol when planning to drive. Those who drink and drive often end up with legal problems, such as getting pulled over and charged with DWI.

Friends should not encourage each other to drink and drive

Many people say they have driven motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol after feeling pressured by friends to drink too much. This could happen at a party, for instance, where a host or hostess keeps telling everyone to “drink up.” Some people admit that they knew a particular friend should not have been driving but didn’t stop the individual because they needed a ride home.

A person might not realize that he or she is intoxicated

Alcohol affects every person differently. One person might only be able to consume one or two drinks before his or her blood alcohol content level reaches the legal limit for operation of a motor vehicle while another person’s body registers a lower percentage after the same amount of consumed alcohol. It is not uncommon for someone to be intoxicated but still feel like he or she is in total control of his or her behavior.

Getting pulled over on suspicion of DWI

If Minnesota police pull someone over because they suspect that he or she is driving under the influence, the person in question may need criminal defense support before the day is over. There have been many cases where individuals who were not even drinking wind up facing criminal charges for DWI. Whether a person is sober at the time of an arrest or has consumed alcohol prior to operating a motor vehicle, it is always a good idea to request legal representation before answering questions under investigation for suspected drunk driving.