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Virtual visitation can be a good addition to your custody schedule

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | child custody |

When you and your child can’t see each other due to distance, it can be heartbreaking. You’re used to seeing your child regularly since you live together, but now that your divorce is moving forward, changes have to happen.

One option that you’ve been looking into is virtual visitation. Since you can’t see your child through the week, you want to find other options to stay connected. This is one great option.

What is virtual visitation?

Like the name suggests, virtual visitation takes place using technology. You can use it in several ways, such as by:

  • Calling your child through a video chat
  • Using instant messaging
  • Using video conferencing
  • Emailing your child
  • Playing games together on a gaming system
  • Or through many other means

This is a great kind of visitation to use if you need to plan for extra time with your child, even though you can’t be physically present. With video calls, you can still see your child. With emails or instant messaging, you can have almost instant communication with one another.

Generally, virtual visitation is used by the noncustodial parent when it’s not possible to have physical visitation as often as they’d like. You can set up times for visitation by discussing things like when your child will be getting ready for bed or when they’ll need help with homework. With virtual tools, you can still be an active part of your child’s life, even though you won’t physically be present.

Virtual visitation can be an excellent addition to regular physical custody. It’s not meant to replace physical custody or visits, but it can help you stay in touch when you won’t otherwise be able to be present.