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Social media can create complications during divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | high asset divorce |

Facebook statuses of expensive dining ventures, getaways in the Bahamas and picture-perfect family portraits can display flawless marital bliss. However, these posts often only show the high points, as a couple’s marriage could be falling apart at the seams.

When spouses get divorced, they often leave behind a dense online catalog of their time together. However, as separation proceedings move forward, some couples may use those same platforms to publish posts they later regret. Because of this, spouses may want to be careful about what information they put online, as it could complicate their divorce settlement.

Ways social media can hinder settlements

These are a few examples of how inappropriate social media use can create issues during the divorce process with just the click of a button:

  • Being in the midst of a custody battle and one spouse is seen on Facebook partying and drinking with their new love interest when they said they couldn’t watch the kids.
  • A friend of one spouse posts pictures of them taking illegal drugs when they are trying to gain custody of the children.
  • One spouse looks to modify or lower alimony payments when their new significant other posts an Instagram photo of them on a lavish vacation in Maldives.

Couples should think twice before they post

When spouses are thinking about filing for divorce, they need to make sure they are carefully monitoring their actions on social media as one incriminating post online could make matters more difficult for them. Minnesota couples who have questions about carefully navigating their social media during divorce may want to consult with a family law attorney. They can help answer their questions and guide them on how to use their accounts with caution.