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Minnesota police arrest 2 men on theft charges

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Criminal defense |

During a recent morning in Jackson County, police officers initiated a car chase when a driver allegedly failed to pull over for a traffic stop. Officers eventually contacted the two occupants who were traveling in the vehicle at the time. Investigators also claim that they witnessed more than 20 catalytic converters in the vehicle, which prompted them to investigate the matter. 

A preliminary investigation reportedly revealed that some of the converters were from outside Minnesota. Detectives contacted various police departments in surrounding areas to determine if any thefts had been reported.
As this turned out to be the case, the two men were taken into police custody and are now facing criminal charges.  

Investigators in another state say they have video evidence of theft 

When police inquired about catalytic converters that they believed to have come from South Dakota, they were told that there is video footage of a theft. The supposed theft involved at least 12 of the car components. After arresting the men, law enforcement authorities noted that each of them had an outstanding warrant in the area for incidents unrelated to the current case. Video footage of an alleged crime does not automatically result in a conviction. Prosecutors are not always able to prove that a person shown in surveillance films is the same person who is charged with the crime. 

A $25,000 bond was set in conjunction with the men’s warrants. When the alleged criminal activity involves multiple states, there may be multiple criminal charges and/or charges at the federal level. It is helpful to secure legal support as soon as possible after an arrest, especially for complex cases that involve multiple jurisdictions.