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Minnesota man facing DUI charges after snowmobile accident

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | DWI |

On a recent Sunday night, a bystander came upon the aftermath of a snowmobile accident near Highway 97, in Minnesota. A man who appeared to be unconscious was lying near the vehicle. The first responder notified local authorities, and police and rescue teams were dispatched to the scene. The man was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital but not before he was given a breath test.  

A Minnesota state trooper entered the ambulance to speak with the individual. The trooper claims to have noticed an aroma of alcohol on the man’s breath. Results of a breath test that was administered are said to have registered a blood alcohol content level that grossly exceeded the legal limit, which led to DUI charges against the 25-year-old.  

Statements made to police can be used for incrimination in a DUI case 

A motorist is not obligated to answer questions from a police officer and instead may request to confer with an attorney. Following the recent snowmobile accident, police stated that the man admitted to consuming alcohol at a nearby bar before operating the vehicle. Investigators also say that this motorist has a past DUI conviction on his record. 

DUI charges do not necessarily mean a conviction will follow 

When a person is facing DUI charges in Minnesota, he or she can refute the charges in court. In fact, some cases never make it to trial due to a lack of evidence. In certain circumstances, a defendant may challenge the evidence offered in a DUI case if the rights of the accused were violated regarding search and seizure or any other relevant issue pertaining to an arrest.