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Avoid back-to-school stress after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | child custody |

Kids in Minnesota and throughout the country are heading back to school in the weeks ahead. For many, it will be a challenging year because of changes that took place in their households over the summer. Children whose parents filed for divorce may encounter a bit of stress as they and their parents learn to navigate their new family dynamics.

Certain topics will be relevant to a parent whose child is headed back to school after a divorce, such as financial issues regarding school supplies and other expenses, as well as special events, parent/teacher conferences and more. Avoiding parental conflict will be easier if there is a solid and detailed plan in place, preferably one that is incorporated into a child custody order by the court. It is wise for parents to speak with their children ahead of time so that the whole family is “on the same page” in connection with a co-parenting plan.

Going back to school involves various expenses

Kids typically need clothing, notebooks and other supplies when a new school year begins. A parent who has filed for divorce will want to include this topic in discussions regarding finances. Parents might agree to split school expenses 50/50 or devise another plan, such as one parent covering costs related to sports and extracurricular activities, while the other parent takes care of books and classroom supplies.

Maintaining a sense of normalcy and routine

If a child will be traveling back and forth between two households during the school year, it is critical for co-parents to discuss homework routines, notes that come home from teachers and other day-to-day school issues. It is also a good idea to map out a calendar of events for the year or, at least per semester, so it is clear which parent will attend which events, as well as who will pick up or drop off children when the need arises. If a parent is having difficulty resolving a child custody issue that arises, he or she may reach out for additional support from an experienced family law attorney.