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Minnesota police arrest 3 for drugs

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | Criminal defense |

Minnesota police say they were working on an investigation for more than a year, leading up to the recent arrests of three men. Investigators claim to have seized an illegal substance, which they believe was being transported to the Twin Cities. Police also claim that one of the men admitted to selling illegal drugs at the direction of one of the other defendants.  

Police say they found drugs in numerous locations 

Police claim that a vehicle that is known to be operated by one of the defendants was pulled over in another state. Officers there allegedly discovered approximately 40 pounds of methamphetamine in the carrier truck. In the meantime, the man known to use the vehicle and one of the other men were arrested in Minnesota after they allegedly pulled away when a police officer was attempting a traffic stop.  

Search warrant was executed  

Police say they obtained a search warrant for the residence where two of the men were staying. They claim to have seized drugs from one of the men’s wallets, as well as a vehicle on the property. The ultimate outcome of the traffic stops and property search was three arrests, and each man is facing drug charges that could lead to a lengthy prison sentence under conviction.  

Felony charges do not automatically mean a conviction will be handed down 

Many people in Minnesota and elsewhere across the country have faced felony drug charges in the past, only to be found not guilty or to have their cases dismissed before ever going to trial. Merely being charged with a drug crime, however, is enough to cause serious damage to a person’s reputation, career and personal life. This is why it is always best to request immediate legal support, as soon as one becomes aware that he or she is the subject of a drug investigation