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Financial issues that can carry over to divorce court

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | high asset divorce |

When a Minnesota married couple argues about money, it can place a terrible strain on their relationship. In fact, financial issues are a top reason cited for spouses deciding to go their separate ways. Many people would simply rather file for divorce than stay in an unhappy marriage.  

Spouses will want to make careful decisions, however, because many of the same financial issues that spark disputes in a marriage can carry over into divorce court. For instance, one spouse might be concerned about ‘’getting stuck” with the other spouse’s debt. Or one spouse might try to claim separate ownership of a particular asset to keep it from being subject to property division.  

Avoid issues that spark financial arguments 

When the decision has been made to divorce, it is best to keep things as civil as possible, so that proceedings run smoothly and each spouse obtains a fair settlement. Here are some hot-button issues that often spark fights between spouses over finances: 

  • One spouse does not like the other spouse’s spending habits. 
  • Spouses disagree about how to pay off debt.  
  • Many financial arguments pertain to extended family members.  
  • Spouses disagree about financial issues concerning the kids. 

It is easy to see how these issues can complicate divorce proceedings. If spouses disagree about children’s financial needs or about how much responsibility they each should have for a specific debt, it can take a while to resolve the issue.  

Sometimes, an issue is left to a judge to decide 

In cases where spouses cannot achieve an agreement regarding financial issues in a divorce, they may ask a family court judge to intervene and make the decisions on their behalf. Like all states, Minnesota has its own property division guidelines and recommendations, which a judge overseeing a particular case will consider before making a decision. It is helpful to seek legal support to ensure the protection of one’s financial interests.