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Home issues that make or break the peace in divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | high asset divorce |

When Minnesota parents decide to go their separate ways, it has an immediate and far-reaching impact on their children’s lives. Whether they have toddlers or college-age kids, moving on with life shared between two households can be challenging. Keeping several things in mind can help a family avoid home-related stress in a divorce.

A home is a symbol of stability for children. If parents divorce, kids might feel like someone has pulled the rug out from underneath their feet, at least temporarily. If parents join forces to provide stability in both households, their children may be better able to cope and will less likely view divorce as something that is ruining family life.

Key issues that help kids adapt to a divorce

It is imperative for children to feel at home in each of their parents’ households after a divorce. No child wants to feel like a visitor in his or her own home, even if it is not a full-time residence. Parents can work together from the start to make sure both households have a space set aside that is designed for the children. Even if a parent remarries and has step-kids and his or her biological children do not live there full-time, it is important that their personal belongings or food preferences, etc., are a welcome addition to the household; this helps a child feel more like a member of the household and less like a visiting guest.

Fighting over household rules intensifies divorce-related stress

Parents do not have to have the same rules in each household after a divorce. Children who are exposed to a lot of parental conflict may start to feel like they are to blame for their parents’ relationship problems. To help kids avoid stress, parents can agree to set rules in their individual households without having to seek each other’s approval at every turn. If a serious issue arises, such as a parent letting a child do something dangerous, like drink alcohol underage or smoke cigarettes, etc., a concerned parent may reach out for immediate legal support at any time.