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Minnesota man arrested after police chase

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Criminal defense |

A Minnesota police officer recently pulled off the road to assist a tractor-trailer driver whose vehicle was disabled. In this state, a “move over” law requires drivers to move over a lane if an emergency vehicle is on the roadside with lights flashing. The police officer said that, as he was helping the truck driver, a car sped by in the lane right next to him.  

The man was arrested with multiple charges filed against him, including several suspected drug crimes. The police officer pursued the driver and attempted a traffic stop. The man reportedly did not comply but sped off and was swerving in and out of traffic lanes.  

Another police officer brought the man’s car to a halt 

Another police officer also initiated pursuit of the vehicle. He reportedly performed a maneuver to intentionally cause the suspect to drive into a ditch, where his car came to an abrupt halt. The man allegedly tossed things out of his driver’s side window during the police chase. Police say the man admitted swallowing 20 Percocet pills while he was driving and claims not to have seen the first police officer pulled over on the roadside.  

How much should a driver say to police? 

The man also allegedly told police that there were warrants out for his arrest and that he had purchased illegal items from someone in the recent past. He also is said to have told police that he has a traumatic brain injury, which makes his thinking unclear at times. When Minnesota police make a traffic stop, a driver does not have to answer any questions other than those intended for identification or vehicle information. If charges are filed, a defendant can and should request legal representation before answering any questions.