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3 Child custody issues that can be problematic

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | child custody |

When a Minnesota couple files for divorce, the decision has an immediate and long-term effect on their children’s lives. Many spouses can achieve a fair settlement without contention and move on in life to co-parent successfully. Several issues often spark child custody problems, which a concerned parent will want to avoid.  

Parents cannot control each other’s lives 

Child custody problems often occur when one parent feels that his or her ex is trying to control everything regarding their children. A co-parent must adhere to the terms of a court order but typically does not have a right to interfere with decisions made the other parent in his or her own household. Drafting a clear and detailed parenting plan helps avoid co-parent micromanagement issues. 

Children are not equipped to act as adults 

If a co-parent uses children to deliver messages about child custody issues to the other parent, it can cause a lot of stress and emotional problems for the kids. It is always best for parents to keep adult issues between them and give children only information they need in order to cope with a divorce. If one parent is trying to alienate children from the other, the parent being targeted may bring the matter to the court’s attention. 

Cooperation is the key for issues like homework and discipline 

If a co-parent refuses to maintain an active role in helping children with school issues, such as homework or to discuss matters of discipline, it can make life post-divorce highly stressful. To avoid such problems, co-parents can agree ahead of time to work as a team to resolve child-related issues and to keep children’s best interests in mind in all discussions. If a legal problem arises that a parent does not feel equipped to handle alone, support can be sought by requesting a meeting with a Minnesota family law attorney.