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Defendants facing drug charges regarding fentanyl

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2021 | Criminal defense |

Minnesota drug task force investigators say they obtained information about people purchasing illegal drugs. Such people reportedly thought they were buying Oxycodone pills. However, police say the pills they ingested contained fentanyl, which has led to several arrests and a need for criminal defense.  

Overdose deaths occurred, which prompted investigation 

Investigators began looking into the situation after numerous people died of drug overdoses. They had each taken pills they believed to be Oxycodone. Members of the drug task force say that what they actually consumed were pills laced with the potentially lethal drug, fentanyl. Five people were taken into police custody in connection with these events.  

Investigators claim that a man threw pills out of a bedroom window 

Task force members showed up at a specific residence to execute a search warrant. One of the people later arrested was a 21-year-old man. Investigators claim he threw more than 60 fentanyl pills out a window just as police were beginning their search of the home. Following five arrests, several children were removed from the house in question and placed in the care of Family Services.  

Prosecutors must show laboratory evidence in court 

When a person is facing drug charges, he or she is guaranteed an opportunity to present a criminal defense against the charges in court. The fact that investigators claim that a particular substance is an illegal drug does not stand on its own. Prosecutors must prove that the substance is what they claim it to be by submitting laboratory test results in court. An attorney experienced in Minnesota criminal law can provide defense support to anyone charged with a drug crime in this state.