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Divorce: What Minnesota parents can learn from Kelly Clarkson

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | high asset divorce |

When a celebrity as famous as pop music star Kelly Clarkson experiences a life-changing event, it usually makes headline news. In this case, Clarkson has been navigating a divorce and has been vocal about the emotions and issues she has encountered in the past month. Minnesota spouses considering filing for divorce, especially those who are parents or stepparents, may find Clarkson’s comments a source of inspiration and support.

When a married couple has children together, as well as children from a previous marriage, the relationship of the stepparent and stepchildren may encounter challenges in divorce. Clarkson has repeatedly stated that nothing is more important in her life than the well-being of her children, including the two stepchildren she has loved and raised as her own. She says the central focus of her divorce proceedings is protecting her children’s privacy and best interests.

Clarkson has also spoken about fault versus no-fault in divorce. She says she and her husband simply grew apart and decided that their relationship was no longer sustainable. She also stated, however, that no one is to blame; it just is what it is and sometimes marriages do not work out as the spouses in question had hoped they would.

Clarkson’s case is evidence for Minnesota spouses that not every divorce is contentious or based on one or the other spouse being at fault. It is often possible for a set of parents to peacefully resolve their differences and negotiate a fair settlement, especially if they are both willing to keep children’s best interests in the forefront during proceedings and compromise as necessary to develop a comprehensive co-parenting plan. An experienced family law attorney can provide strong support throughout the process.