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Divorce is stressful: Here are some tips for coping

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | high asset divorce |

Dissolution of marriage sounds like a very formal, solemn term. More commonly known as divorce, filing a petition to end a marriage might be one of the most life-changing decisions a person can make. For parents in Minnesota and elsewhere, it can also be highly stressful and challenging to work out terms for a child custody agreement.

There’s no denying that divorce is going to change lives, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it ruins them. There are several things people can to do to help  cope and move on in life in a healthy, productive manner.

It is common to experience feelings of sorrow, loneliness or nostalgia when thinking back on time shared with a partner over the years of a marriage. Allowing oneself time for fun and relaxation after a divorce can help an individual who is mourning the end of the marital relationship. It is typically wise, however, to avoid hasty decisions regarding new relationships, relocation, financial matters and other important issues.

It’s possible that issues may arise during or even after divorce proceedings where co-parents disagree about custody, visitation or property issues. If a concerned parent has an amicable relationship with his or her ex, it may be possible to talk things out and achieve a compromise. However, it’s also wise to build a strong network of resources from the start, in case a parent does not feel capable of resolving a specific issue alone and wants to reach out for additional support, particularly where legal matters are concerned.