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Divorce: Co-parents may need back-to-school support

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | child custody |

When a Minnesota married couple determines that their relationship cannot be restored, it often sparks a chain of life-changing events. When such couples also happen to be parents, their children’s lives are significantly affected by  the divorce proceedings that typically follow. Over the next few weeks, many children are returning to school or gearing up for a virtual learning experience at home. Either way, parents who have recently divorced may encounter numerous challenges as they focus on co-parenting during a new school year.

Clear communication is a key component to avoiding back-to-school stress as newly divorced parents. However, lack of communication is also often a primary concern in marriages that end in divorce. Co-parents and children will fare best in a post-divorce back-to-school season if parents take time to discuss the year ahead and make sure that they are on the same page regarding expectations, responsibilities and financial needs, as well.

Children typically participate in numerous special events and extracurricular activities during an average school year. Co-parents will want to agree ahead of time on which parent will attend which function or who will be driving kids to and from sports or band practices or other activities. It will also be less stressful if parents inform teachers and coaches of their divorce at the start of the year so they can be part of the support network as co-parents and children adapt to a new lifestyle.

Keeping a calendar updated is not only handy for staying organized, but it can also help Minnesota co-parents avoid stress after divorce. If a legal issue arises that a parent does not feel equipped to handle alone, he or she may reach out for support by requesting a meeting with an experienced family law attorney. This is typically the best means for finding a swift and fair solution to a custody-related problem.